Disgusting Dining
A banquet held by Livia Augusta, wife of the Ancient Roman Emperor Octavian, included jellyfish, a female pig’s udders stuffed with eggs and milk, roast parrot, boiled flamingo and roast hare stuffed with boiled chicken brains and livers.

Count E. Vilc Droffig
Count Droffig is the author of the only currently published work on The Book of Bad Things. It contains his words, his story but he has paid dearly to tell it, trapped, location unknown, as he battles primeval forces beyond his control and wild fears beyond his comprehension. A former child prodigy, circus escapologist and flinty-hearted double dealer, Droffig worked in the twilight world of illicit art trading where secret objects, thought long lost or merely to be myth, exchange hands for billions of dollars. Yet, within 13 painful months, Droffig lost his friends and fortune, leaving him alone, wretched and riddled with regret. How did he uncover so much about The Book of Bad Things and why did he persist in following its trail, even when he knew that his very soul was at risk? Could he really have got close to the most deadly secret of all?
Droffig's father
Hailing from the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe, the Droffigs were a rich and influential family who dined with the crowned heads of Europe in centuries past. Yet by the time their only son was born, they were living in poverty in a dilapidated mansion built on plague lands. Was it right to blame Droffig's father, his collapsed mines in Africa and withered plantations in South America? Why did he squander the vast family fortune? And what was he searching for that kept him away from home for long months at a time?
Mirabelle Le Livre
A brilliant French chemist, deeply loyal to her handful of powerful friends - yet cold and calculating too. Le Livre's laboratory, hidden in an unfashionable quarter of Paris, is devoted to unmasking frauds and fakes in the art world and beyond. Clinical and sceptical, this sharpest of scientific minds believes in the existence of The Book of Bad Things. But what terrible secret does she carry with her to the grave?
The Apothecarist
A mysterious healer and alchemist, relying on ancient wisdom and modern stealth, who has made his home in an unmapped and unloved area of the Arctic tundra - several days' trek beyond the most northerly settlement in the world. The Twisted Apothecary cannot be viewed on any map or Google Earth, yet his frozen cabin and outhouses contain some of the most shocking and revealing treasures from past times. The Apothecarist is all too aware that he is sitting on a ticking bomb. The time he has left is short.
The Librarian
A highly secretive scholar, working in hidden vaults deep below a medieval city with a terrible past. As the sole patrician of the Morbid Arts Library, he appears to be the owner of the largest, most deadly collection of banned and feared books in the known and unknown worlds. He befriends Droffig (or does he betray him?) on a terrifying quest to track down The Book of Bad Things and unmask it, once and for all. www.morbidartslibrary.eu
Clive Gifford
Droffig's last contact before going missing. Why was a seemingly humble author of (mostly) cheerful children's books used by Droffig as his avatar in the real world? Does he hold the secret to Droffig's location, how did he smuggle the book to publication and, most critical of all, can he really be trusted?