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Pull-out extras
A pull-out map from the pages of a book, a diecut code wheel circle and an Ancient Chinese bookmark are amongst the detachable items that the reader must find and then use to solve the puzzles
Fiendish Facts
Each double page contains a number of panels of carefully researched information about a vast range of bad things - from censorship and book burnings and poisonous plants to unusual methods of burial and chilling coincidences. These entertaining and surprising facts tie in and spring from Count Droffig's story on that page.
Hidden Knowledge
Throughout the pages are coded fragments, scrambled and impossible to decipher until read with a hidden device found in the book. Even then, there are further challenges ahead to piece them together in the correct way and banish The Book of Bad Things.
Story Telling
The book is driven by scraps and fragments of story from the author, Count Droffig, who has spent many years and all his fortune trying to track down The Book of Bad Things. These fragments propel the story forwards on every spread. They are written to chime with the factual information panels on the spread.
Interacive Extras
Shaped flaps hide the contents of laptop screens, burial chambers and forbidden books. Ignore them at your peril. What they conceal might just save Droffig... and you.
Lavish Design
Darkly atmospheric design, merging illustration and photography, graphically sets the scene, is packed with detail and complements the mysterious and compelling narrative.
Mounting Menace
The story cranks up notch by notch as Droffig is lured by a chilling coincidence to visit the Morbid Arts Library. The tension builds as he learns more about the Book of Bad Things' power and fury, and becomes obsessed with how to stop it. Horror and hope reign by turns as Droffig's life unravels. His fortunes revive, yet a terrible secret is about to be revealed...
Perilous Puzzles
Throughout the book, questions are asked and cryptic puzzles and challenges are set by Droffig and the mysterious cast of characters he encounters. Only readers who absorb and decipher every scrap of information will be able to stop the Book of Bad Things.