What people are saying about The Book of Bad Things...

"A gripping story with action and depth, complex ideas and effortless storytelling, all wrapped up in a sumptuous visual package. A truly original book packed with detail which will engross readers." - Sue Newson, author of An Awakening of Conscience.

"Each double page puts us on Count Droffig’s shoulder as he travels the globe, meeting impossibly mysterious people and seeking out how to ward off the fabled Book of Bad Things. Along the way, dozens of fascinating and sometimes grisly true facts, many hidden behind enticing folding panels, educate and illuminate but never detract from the smashing story. A hugely successful title that crosses the boundaries between fiction and fact." - Kyle Walker, Madison, Wisconsin

"The Book of Bad Things is three books in one - an exciting and unusual adventure story, a book with detailed puzzles, pull outs and secret codes linked to the plot and a treasure trove of unusual eye-catching true facts, all with a dark theme. It adds up to a simply irresistible package." - Shirley Stace, Ashford, UK.

"Be shocked by the story, try and solve the brain-mangling puzzles or check out the gruesome true facts. But make sure you read it. The Book of Bad Things is sick." - Amil, 13, London, UK

"It should be a hit with its target audience. Even us hardened adult readers can recapture a bit of childhood wonder wandering through its various sections." - Don D'Ammassa, author of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror.

"An alarming, deliciously dark tale of woe, deception and an ancient book beyond evil. I loved every minute of it." - Tina Adams , Baltimore, Maryland