Gathered together are fragments of knowledge about The Book of Bad Things and its author. These diabolical downloads are to be obtained, studied and stored at your own risk. Remember, the Book is always watching, ever vigilant.

Bad Dreams - click to Download
Droffig's childhood home should be a place of fond memories of toys and play ... but it isn't. Here, the Count explains why in his own words from the book.

Rancid Rulers, Despicable Deaths
The Book of Bad Things has always loitered and lingered wherever there were tales of treachery and tragedy, death and destruction. Click here to get some terrible but totally true facts not found in the book.

Last Words
A fragment of Droffig's last spoken words recorded moments before the Book entrapped him. Click here to download.

First Light - The Movie
The very first copy of Droffig's book about The Book Of Bad Things was sent to the Morbid Arts Library, where it was filmed under laboratory conditions. Click to see that movie.

Pit of Poison - click to Download
Droffig reaches a mysterious African mine with the GPS coordinates 13.13. What he finds there, deep in the airless confines, nearly kills him.

Bad Circle Refresh
Lost your book's Bad Circle? You don't deserve a second chance, but we will give you one anyway. Download and cut out to find order amongst the chaos.